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In response to: Update Unifi Dream Machine Pro certificates with automation

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It seems that as of today the above playbook fails because sftp is no longer working on the udmpro. To fix that I modified my ansible inventory to use scp as the transfer mechanism instead. Here’s what my inventory file looks like now:


          ansible_connection: ssh
          ansible_user: "root"
          ansible_ssh_pass: "putyourpasswordhere"
          ansible_ssh_private_key_file: "/home/ansible/.ssh/"
          ansible_ssh_transfer_method: scp

12/03/22 @ 14:40

In response to: CentOS 7 and VMWare ESXi Networking via CLI

Comment from: Joe Landis [Visitor]  
Joe Landis

Good stuff, thanks George. Going thru this at home now.

10/10/17 @ 15:43

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Comment from: ali [Visitor]

delicious baked chicken is my favorite.thanks for posting this recipe.keep it up

06/09/15 @ 11:36